What is Sea of Fleurs

Sea of Fleurs (SOF) is meant to be a happy corner on the internet that talks about fashion, beauty and culture (which is basically all other forms of art). The posts made here hopes to help its readers make smart investments when it comes to clothing and makeup, learn how to incorporate trends in their style and inform in a fun and quick way what has been happening in fashion lately.

SOF believes everybody should be treated as equals, and that knowledge is a powerful tool for changing the status quo. While the whole fashion and beauty industry doesn’t change (in terms of production, packaging and employment), we believe that one of the best ways of being more sustainable right now is through smart purchases that can be worn for years.

Who writes?

Hi, I’m Carol. I was born, raised and live in Brazil. Some people (including myself) like to call me Snow White because of my very pale skin, dark hair and some too much blush situations. To be honest, I identify more as a Belle, because, just like me, she loves books.

I love fashion since I was a little kid. When I was seven, I already liked Chanel and Dior, and be sure that I also chose all my outfits (and they were fantastic!). Everything changed when my 8-year-old self watched The Devil Wears Prada (my favorite movie to this day), and realized that those magical things called magazines were made by humans. Since that day I decided that, when I grow up, I want to be a nice version of Miranda.

Technically I’m a Gen Z, but not sure how I fit in with this crowd. Maybe is because of my sun and moon in Aquarius. On my spare time I can be easily found browsing through bookstores or dancing to some Elvis Presley songs.

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