Emily in Paris is a Pleasurable Mess

Photo Credit: @emilyinparis / Instagram

Emily in Paris is quite an interesting show. It tells the story of a 20-something American that moves to Paris without speaking a word of French. And, apparently, she did a very basic research about France. What attracted many viewers to watch this Netflix show was the beautiful images of Paris and the fashion. While the backdrop was incroyable, Emily’s outfits were questionable. But before talking about the costume design, we need to talk about the cultural aspect.

Dear Emily, being American doesn’t make you superior

One of the most uncomfortable parts of Emily in Paris was how entitled Emily was. Throughout the whole season the character talked about adding an American view to the company, and tried to reformulate their digital strategy with no debate as if her way was better. And this mentality probably comes from the fact she doesn’t seem to care to understand the French culture. During the whole first season we see Emily go to French class twice, and at every language and cultural barrier she calls her neighbor Gabriel.

The other characters are shallow and very stereotypical, which is sad considering they have so much potential. But overall, Emily in Paris is quite a fun show, and hopefully they will add more depth to the supporting roles and fix the plot holes at season 2.

Dear Emily, explain the Chanels

With costume design by Patricia Field, Lily Collins in the lead role, and the fashion background, we expected more from the outfits. Field is known for her over the top designs (her past work includes Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and Younger), but with Emily it was too much or too little. At many times the looks were too caricatural and failed to play an important role in the narrative.

The most interesting character fashion wise is definitely Camille. But the great mystery of this season managed to overshadow our favorite French girl.

How does Emily Cooper, a 20-something digital media strategist that comes from a ‘regular family’, afford so many Chanels? Just one of her flap bags costs more than her monthly salary!

Dear Emily, there is still hope

A second season for Emily in Paris has already been confirmed. Hopefully they will manage to add depth to the characters, be more respectful with non-American culture, fix plot holes and wear fashion to their advantage. The show is actually nice, and something very much needed in this pandemic world we are currently living in.

Also, can’t wait to meet Emily’s secret billionaire parents.

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