Chanel and the Movie Stars

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial

The Chanel Spring 2021 collection is an homage to actresses. For over a century the maison has kept close relationships with movie stars, a practice displayed at “Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto”, an exhibition at the Parisian museum Palais Galliera.

These friendships inspired Virginie Viard, who looked at 20th century stars such as Romy Schneider and Jeanne Moreau. But some of the heaviest and most obvious influences came from the screen. The 1939 movie La Règle du Jeu appeared in evening dresses, and the easiness of movement in some garments. The black chiffon and capes, on other hand, are courtesy of L’Année dernière à Marienbad (1961).

Viard wanted to tie this old-school glamour with the necessities of 21st century movie stars, who plan both their red carpet everyday outfits, but also make it Parisian cool. And she succeeded. The pieces are exactly what Emily (from Emily in Paris) would wear, but also something Lily Collins would feel comfortable to use in her private life.

But the best thing about this collection is that it showcases who Virginie Viard is as a creative director without being overshadowed by the past. She made oversized 1980s suit jackets look effortless, and managed to create a beautiful merge between the past and the now. Is this Virginie’s best collection for Chanel so far? Yes.

Photo Credit: @chanelofficial

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