Christian Siriano Tells People to Vote

Photo Credit: Christian Siriano / @csiriano/ Instagram

The Christian Siriano Spring 2021 collection was inspired by 1980s and 1990s, but also had a political message. The models wore pantsuits, voluminous skirts and beautiful dresses with matching hats and masks. The red dresses are in general the more visually attractive, but the pieces with the word vote were the one that caught most attention. The ‘vote’ garments, as well as the checked pantsuit and dress were actually dedicated to the late supreme court judge (and icon) Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Photo Credit: Christian Siriano / @csiriano/ Instagram

The clothes are very traditionally feminine, and reminiscent of haute couture, specially with the feather details. The pantsuits and skirt suits are perfect for those who like to dress up.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Christian Siriano started to use his studio to produce masks. So, it is fitting that all the models wore one. It is also nice (and smart) to see a designer create and promote them. They will not only help protect us from catching and spreading COVID-19, but can also be a viable source of income for the brand.

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