Christian Dior Shines in Technical Prowess

Photo Credit: @dior / Instagram

For Christian Dior’s Spring 2021 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to create pieces that transforms the silhouette of the maison, while respecting its heritage. The inspiration was female poets, intellectuals and authors such as Virginia Woolf and Susan Sontag.

Maria Grazia is known for creating clothes that are commercial, and that accommodates the body of the wearer. But for this collection the creative director decided to approach with an idea more of design, while still being wearable.

The pieces are not very fitted, which makes it comfortable and easier to accommodate the body. The sheer dresses are nice and a MGC staple, but not necessarily very commercial. The same goes for the heavily printed pieces. In terms of design…ugh.

Photo Credit: @dior / Instagram

The clothing has a lot of potential. Most of them just need to go through some editing. It is difficult to make three prints in one single piece work. The draping looks too old lady and sad, and not in a good way. And the fringes at the end of dresses, skirts and pants, makes them almost unwearable in real life. Imagine going in an escalator with dangling threads in your ankle. And how do you tailor the hem? This is not couture; the clothing doesn’t come with a custom fit.

The handbags consisted of new versions of the Book Tote, Lady Dior and Bobby. It was also presented three new totes, a flap and a clutch style. The shoes featured were all flats, two sandals and a Mary Jane. In terms of makeup, the beauty team went with very natural skin and lashes. The focus was on the thick black eyeliner that framed the model’s eyes.

One thing that shined in this collection was the technical prowess of the house of Christian Dior. The prints, as well as the embroidery, were beautifully done. The same goes for the tailoring, which looked incredible.

Video Credit: FF Channel

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