Nostalgia of the Old Normal

Once upon a time we could walk in the streets, no masks on, and go to places other than grocery stores. It’s crazy to think that this was our reality only 2/3 months ago.

Right now, I’m honestly scared to open the news. I don’t know if I’ll cry, enter on a slump for the rest of the day, unable to do anything productive, or manage to be okay.  Luckily, I’ve been able to be okay in the past days, maybe I’m getting used to the apocalyptic and heartbreaking news. But this is meant to be a happy place, right?

Back in January I went to a restaurant located in the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings from my city. The view is breathtaking, you can see the whole city. Naturally, I took way too many pictures. Like, 100 too many.

Right now, those photos feel very nostalgic. They were taken back in a time where the city was alive, cars on the street, people being able to be near each other. I miss that São Paulo so much. And I miss getting mad at people because of politics, and not because of politics and because they can’t understand the importance of social distancing.

But, hopefully, one day life can go back to be that way. No masks, and people being able to be near each other. For now, though, I only got the pictures.

2 responses to “Nostalgia of the Old Normal”

  1. It’s just crazy at the moment, isn’t it!?

    I’m based in the UK and we are the same, we are in lockdown and can only go out for exercise. I miss visiting London, being in a busy crowd. It is so strange to not be able to visit friends and family.
    I’m glad you have been feeling better the last few days. Stay strong and know you’re not on your own. Its been so hard for all of us.

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