#CarolTalks: First Thoughts of Kiko’s Magical Holiday Vynil Lip Lacquer

I’m a sucker for a good red lipstick. So, when I went into the Kiko store to buy one of my favorite concealers, I couldn’t resist their holiday collection. I loved all the palettes, but what I got was their Magical Holiday Vynil Lip Lacquer (what a long name!) in the color nº 5 Red Party. I wore it for a good 6 hours today, and, because this is a limited-edition collection, I wanted to give you my first thoughts on it.

What is the product

As the name suggests, this is a lip lacquer, it gives a beautiful vinyl finish. It is meant to be very pigmented, easy to apply, have a soft texture, and have a passion fruit scent.

The Pros

The first thing I noticed about this product is that it is super pigmented, one coat and you’re good to go. It also has a thin sponge as an applicator, which makes it very easy and comfortable to apply.

This lip product is meant to have a vinyl finish, the product doesn’t dry, which made me very scared it would move around and make me look like Ronald McDonald. Today was a very warm and sunny day where I live, it made over 36ºC (96,8ºF), and, even after walking in the sun for over an hour, the lip lacquer stayed in place.

The Cons

Because the formula never really dries, this product transfers a lot. This can be a nightmare for anyone that, like me, unconsciously keeps moving/ touching their mouth, or biting and eating way too much chocolate. If you don’t pay attention, you can easily end up looking like Ronald McDonald, and staining your clothes/ pens/ headphone cord.

Another issue I had with the lip lacquer, is that it was very annoying to remove. The color still transfers a lot even after removing most of the product. It also doesn’t resist any eating or drinking, 99% of it is out with the first bite. And lastly, but definitely not least, it is not that easy to remove. When I tried to remove the swatch I made in my arm, the micellar water basically made a huge mess (photo above), so I used a lotion for waterproof makeup, which removed the chunk of it. In the end I needed to mixture the lotion with a bit of micellar water to get my pale arm back.

The Maybes

The lip lacquer has a sweet passion fruit smell, which I didn’t really feel until I put the product very close to my nose. I personally love the smell, passion fruit juice is one of my favorites, it reminds me of summer and calm times.

Throughout the day I felt the formula get sticky, which can be very common for this type of product. To be honest, I’m not sure if this happened because of the heat, or if it is just a regular thing meant to happen.

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